A compounding pharmacy is one that makes medications from scratch rather than just dispensing pills and syrups. This type of pharmacy is somewhat rare these days, as most pharmacies simply fill prescriptions according to medications that are mass produced and mass marketed. If you've never thought about working with a compounding pharmacy for your medical needs, you might note a few advantages this arrangement can offer you and then speak to your doctor about whether or not it would work for you.

1. Discontinued medications

Medications are like anything else that is mass produced; if the manufacturer doesn't see a large profit margin or large customer base, they may stop its production. It can be very expensive to produce certain medications, and if a drug company is not recouping their costs and making a healthy profit from those medicines, they may simply stop making them.

A compounding pharmacy can make medications that are not mass produced, as long as the raw ingredients are still available. If you have found that your particular condition responds better to a certain medication that is no longer on the market, a compounding pharmacy may be able to create it for you.

2. Controlling ingredients

If you have a certain sensitivity to an ingredient that is found in a medication, you may be able to have that omitted from your particular prescription. This can include peanut powder, gelatin, gluten, sugar, and the like. As long as the ingredients don't affect the overall effectiveness of the medication, a compounding pharmacy can omit them. If this does affect the medication, you may be able to then supplement your prescription with another medication or live with certain symptoms that are less severe than when you take medications with those particular ingredients still included.

3. Medication form

If you find it difficult to take medication in a particular form, a compounding pharmacy can often offer it to you in another form. As an example, some pills are quite large and difficult to swallow, especially for the elderly or children. Having that medication available in a syrup form or smaller pills can make it easier to ensure you get the dose you need. Not all drug manufacturers will produce their medications in various forms, but a compounding pharmacy can offer smaller pills, syrups, pills that dissolve and don't need to be swallowed, vapors, inhalers, and the like. Your doctor can advise if you might be able to take your medication in a different form and if a compounding pharmacy can create it in that form.  

For more information, contact a compounding pharmacy in your area.